A Message From Toking Teepee

Due to the overwhelming demand in our delivery service, please help us streamline our process by ordering online if you want to take advantage of new discounts.  This website is optimized for mobile browsers, so online ordering is streamlined and easy.   If this does not work due to technical problems, texting orders is your next best option.  All orders are discreetly packaged and delivered to your address or vehicle if you are meeting.  

Welcome To Toking Teepee Cannabis Products Connection Friends.

Here you will find a variety of weed products:

  • delicious THC-infused edibles,
  • hash,
  • vape pens,
  • distillates:
  • CBD,
  • Delta 8,
  • Delta 9
  • honey oil,
  • cherry oil,
  • RSO (aka Rick Simpson Oil)

In addition, you will find various buds ranging from $50 per oz to $240 craft grade 5 star bud.

Open your mind and explore this newly created cannabis culture home from Alderville First Nation.

How to pay for orders safely.

In the eye of this pandemic storm brought on by Covid-19 it has become unsafe to handle cash. Please consider paying for your next order by eTransfer.

The safest method of paying for your cannabis products is by eTransfer. Start by adding the following eTransfer recipient to your account. You only need to do this once. While setting up account please provide your own secret word and phrase for me to access safely. When ready to order have the phrase and word ready to text me.

Set up eTransfer account to:

David Baker


Text me the secret word and phrase to safely access transfer.