Live Rosin Caviar

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Live Rosin Caviar

Unleash the full potential of cannabis with Toking Teepee’s Live Rosin Caviar. A powerful and aromatic fusion of live resin and caviar, it delivers an unparalleled experience of intense flavours, potent effects, and significant therapeutic benefits. Redefine your cannabis journey with this exceptional extract.


An Unmatched Sensory Experience: Live Rosin Caviar

Discover the ultimate cannabis extract that will redefine your expectations of potency and aroma. Our Live Rosin Caviar is not just another addition to your cannabis repertoire; it’s a game-changer. With a mind-boggling THC content of up to 90%, it guarantees an enthralling, elevated psychoactive experience.

Igniting A Symphony of Flavours

Live Rosin Caviar is the harmonious marriage of live resin and caviar. Made using freshly harvested cannabis flowers immediately frozen post-harvest, live resin holds a wealth of terpenes often lost in standard drying and curing processes. These naturally occurring plant oils amplify the aromas and flavours of cannabis, bringing you a richer, deeper flavour profile. During extraction, terpene vapours are recaptured and fused back into the live resin, crystallizing into small caviar-like balls. Each use of Live Rosin Caviar is a sensory delight, an explosion of taste and fragrance.

Cannabis Cultivated with Care

Each strain of our Live Rosin Caviar is born from cannabis grown in the idyllic Okanagan Valley. Our in-house cultivation and state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extractor allow us to capture the full essence of the plant. Throughout its lifecycle, our cannabis receives hands-on care, leading to a superior concentrate brimming with cannabinoids and terpenes.

Committed to Quality and Consistency

At Toking Teepee Concentrates, we pride ourselves on consistency and natural flavours. Our professional manufacturers employ a soil-to-oil process, ensuring the purity of the concentrates. Each limited edition extract offers 16 strains, exemplifying our commitment to delivering high-quality, beautifully pure concentrates.

Beyond Recreational: Therapeutic Benefits Galore

Not only is Live Rosin Caviar a thrilling experience for recreational users, but it also brings many therapeutic benefits. The terpenes, rich in our product, enhance the effects of primary cannabinoids like CBD and THC, offering a complex and elevated psychoactive experience. This exciting and potent product delivers on all fronts – from recreation to relaxation, aroma to therapeutic potential.

The Toking Teepee online dispensary invites you to experience the power and excitement of our Live Rosin Caviar. Uncover the unparalleled depth of flavours and aromas with this top-tier extract.


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