VFire THC Vape Pen Cartridge Replacement 1000 mg THC


Ultimate THC Vape Cartridges

For use with VFIRE THC vape pens.

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VFire THC Vape Pen Refilled Cartridges 1000 mg THC

The Vfire THC vape pen cartridges are technically refillable.  These are designed for the VFire THC vape pen kit to use additional pods without replacing the whole kit.   The benefits of using reusable THC vapes instead of disposable ones are that they save on toxic landfill resulting from the disposal of pens.

10 Flavours

The Vfire THC vape pen replacement pods are currently available in 14 exciting flavours:

  1. Cherry Pie – Indica
  2. Tangie – Hybrid
  3. Bubble Gum – Indica
  4. Skywalker – Indica
  5. Mimosa – Hybrid
  6. Trainwreck – Hybrid
  7. Girl Scout Cookies – Indica
  8. Zkittles -Indica
  9. Bubba Kush – Indica
  10. Berry Blossom – Indica
  11. Lemon Haze – Sativa
  12. Berries – Hybrid
  13. Wedding Crasher – Hybrid
  14. Orange Sherbert – Hybrid

More flavours are coming soon.  People are choosing to use reusable pens instead of disposable ones.


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Berries – Hybrid, Berry Blossom – Indica, Bubba Kush – Indica, Bubble Gum – Indica, Cherry Pie – Indica, Girl Scout Cookies – Indica, Lemon Haze – Sativa, Mimosa – Sativa Hybrid, Orange Sherbert – Hybrid, Skywalker – Indica, Tangie – Hybrid, Trainwreck – Hybrid, Wedding Crasher – Hybrid, Zkittles -Indica

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