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Buy Indica online in Canada at Toking Teepee.

When you buy Indica online in Canada, you will find many choices.  There are many reasons people like to smoke indica strains. They not only have a unique and subtle aroma and flavour profile, but also produce incredibly soothing effects. Indica strains are best suited when it is time to relax, as they are known to create a calm, relaxed feeling that clears your mind and puts you firmly on your couch. 

Nevertheless, there are significant differences between strains, even within the Indica family. Toking Teepee carries three price categories of Indica strains so that everyone can get exactly what they want.  If you buy Indica online in Canada from Toking Teepee, you will be satisfied with our prices and quality.

Indica Strains

Indica Strains: (King Pink (Top Shelf), Pink Godbud (Top Shelf), Pink Lemonade (Middle Shelf), Blueberry (Bottom Shelf), Alien Technology (Bottom Shelf))

People buy Indica online in Canada to receive the delivery of their product safely from a Canadian supplier. For indica connoisseurs, Pink strains may be something to consider. At Toking Teepee, we stock pink strains whenever available. The gassy pink strains are typically Indica-dominant hybrids, known for their physical effects. With floral notes and hints of pine wood, the flavour of pink strains is something to behold. The effectiveness of these strains means that even small doses can eliminate pain, insomnia and appetite loss.

Pink Godbud

Pink Godbud is one of our most popular strains to buy online in Canada. It is called this because the smell gives you the feeling that God sent it.  In fact, the relaxation and feeling of well-being that this strain offers leaves you wanting more. 

Sweet diesel notes punctuate its flavour and smell profile, mixed with a touch of citrus. Pink Godbud is a personal favourite of Toking Teepee staff.

Buy Indica online in Canada at Toking Teepee

Toking Teepee is your best bet to find high-quality indica strains online. Our catalogue is frequently updated with new and exciting strains. Check back often to see what we have in stock!