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Get in on the $50 per oz bud deal.  This smooth tasting smoke is perfect for your bunker emergency supply.  Stock up now for cheaper prices while supplies last. It doesn’t get any better than $50 per oz bud.

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    $50 Per Oz bud deal. What??? You heard me right!

    Perfect for your bunker emergency supply.  If you want to buy cheap bud that gets you baked, you came to the right place.  Stock up now for cheaper prices while supplies last.   Average THC is about 20 percent based on manual testing.  Not too shabby for 50 bucks.

    Smoking this no-name bargain, $50 per oz bud, will leave you pleasantly surprised.  It actually works and gives you a nice, mellow relaxing buzz.  I personally tested this product as I do with every product and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get this effect without paying much higher prices.   It burns clean and tastes smooth.

    1 review for $50 Per Oz Bud Deal

    1. Jon Averill (verified owner)

      First off gotta say, first time ordering and won’t be the last. Ordered yesterday and was delivered today.
      Now as for this 50.00/Oz, you gotta be thinking how good can this be right? I know I was. But at the price, can’t beat it. On average, probably smoking about 3g a day, plus my trusty vape pen is always at hand. Fast forward, I ground some up, grinds nice and it’s a little sticky! Rolled up a doob and sparked it up, smooth inhale! Mellow and a nice flavor. 10 min in and my cares have melted away, feel light and the world comes alive, but don’t feel like like doing much! Don’t know the strain or if it’s always the same, but this one was worth it.

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