Alien Technology 2021 Harvest Bud

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This Alien Technology strain is an Indica weed strain originating from Afghanistan.    This awesome strain, “Alien Technology”, has dense forest green buds tinted with dark emerald patches and covered with orange and brown pistils. The pleasant aroma of this strain compliments its Afghan flavor.  You will be surprised at what you get for $100 an oz.

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    Alien Technology is an Indica strain.    The THC averages about 20 percent.

    Our Alien Technology strain was grown outdoors during the 2021 season in Alderville First Nation.   The sweet smelling and tasting bud provides a lingering sensation of relaxation and contentment.  During its growth throughout the season, the plants were provided the TLC that can only be provided in a smaller scale grow.    Pre-harvest, all the fan leaves were removed, and the plants were flushed with water and hydrogen peroxide to remove pathogens and remaining fertilizer.   On the night before harvest, the plants were triple washed to remove any insect waste, mildew, dust and other undesirable particles.  The Alien Technology was harvested pre-dawn to allow the water in the plants to adequately drain during the night when the sun is no longer present to draw it up.   This is also the optimum harvest time to get the highest possible THC.   Once dried, all the buds are hand trimmed, providing income for local workers.  Hand trimming also preserves the integrity of surface crystals.  Machione trimmed removes and destroys surface crystals, leaving the buds with a lower THC percentage.


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