BC Rockstar Strain


BC Rockstar strain is an incredibly popular strain of cannabis originating in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a 50/50 hybrid and has an impressive 25% THC content.


Are you looking for an intense strain of cannabis to get you through your day with balanced yet powerful effects? Then, find your perfect connection with BC Rockstar from Toking Teepee! This incredible 50/50 hybrid strain is famous in British Columbia for its reliable and intense euphoric effects, with a whopping 25% THC content.

You’ll get the best of both worlds with the BC Rockstar – an uplifting, energizing head high and a soothing and relaxing body buzz! That means you can spend your day being productive and creative before settling in for a blissful evening’s rest. It’s even great for recreational use; if you’re looking to have good times with friends, the remarkable effects of this strain will make sure everyone enjoys their experience.

BC Rockstar is simply one of the best cannabis products, perfected by experienced growers to ensure outstanding quality so you can be sure that you’re getting the genuine article. And as they say, no rock star experience would be complete without crowds everywhere – which is why this extra-popular strain is one of Toking Teepee’s most sought-after connections! So don’t wait any longer – take your pick from our comprehensive selection of BC Rockstar today and join the party!

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A) OZ, B) Half OZ, C) 7 grams, D) 3.5 grams

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