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Black Tuna strain

The Hybrid, Black Tuna strain has 50% Sativa and Indica. It’s typically 22%-28% THC content which means it might provide you with an intense psychoactive high if consumed in large quantities!

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    Black Tuna strain

    The Black Tuna strain is a Hybrid with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica.  The THC is typically 22% – 28%.

    The Black Tuna strain by 5 Star Organic is designed to provide patients with a powerful hit of THC that helps relieve chronic pain. The pungent bud is a British Columbian cannabis variety made by crossing Lamb’s Bread and Herojuana. The combination produces an extremely powerful high that has a strong narcotic effect.  This was originally sold to Canadians ages ago, sealed inside a canister containing fresh fish!

    The Black Tuna strain has compact buds, covered in trichomes and a strong gassy smell. This is one thing about this strain that makes it stand out. The coloration to it’s buds is rich sage green, with shades darker than its name suggests, as well as hints at purple, gives way for masses amounts of terpenes, which give off an aroma not fishy whatsoever!

    The rich sage green color of this strain is often interrupted by darker hues and hints at purple. However, it doesn’t smell like fish – the name originates from Black Tuna Gang that was well-known for smuggling Colombian marijuana in America during The 1970s!


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