Breeder’s Cut Elite Clones: Deep Breath strain


Deep Breath strain is a potent and rare cannabis strain with mind-boggling genetics. It is a cross of Mendo Breath, GG4, and Alien Breath. Users describe it as having a sweet yet strong aroma and flavour that fills the room. The high hits hard and fast, offering energy and creativity before settling into relaxing indica effects. Deep Breath is an excellent choice for experienced users seeking relief from chronic pain, stress, and depression.

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    Breeder’s Cut Elite Clones: Deep Breath strain

    A Calming Yet Powerful Experience

    Crafted by the mysterious Baked Beanz, the genetics of the Deep Breath strain are mindboggling. This massive genetic cross starts with Alien Breath, a cross of POGO (Purple Alien OG x Goji OG) and Berry Breath (Blackberry x Grateful Breath). Alien Breath is then crossed with a GG4 x Mendo Breath hybrid, deepening the potent and pungent attributes native to this ancestry. Here’s what you need to know about this strain.

    Powerful Effects and Flavor

    Getting punched in the face is typically bad, but Deep Breath strain offers this sensation in the best way possible. Your high will come on hard and fast, lifting you to energetic and joyful heights. Creativity peaks while on this strain, making it a favourite of musicians and artists alike. Although Deep Breath doesn’t have much in the way of firm THC data, one can speculate that it’s quite high.

    Users describe this strain as one with a sweet yet strong flavour and aroma, as berries and chemicals mix to fill your space. If discretion is a must, Deep Breath will not be your friend.

    Relief for Medical Patients

    Newer cannabis users may not be able to handle Deep Breath strain, but medical patients looking for some strength will be overjoyed with their experience. Chronic pain can sap you of joy and the ability to live everyday life, but this strain comes to the rescue with tingles that offer relief. Mental concerns, including stress and depression, are also alleviated, and those who suffer from fatigue will appreciate the burst of energy they experience before their comedown.

    Growing and Harvesting Deep Breath

    Fully mature crops can get rather tall, so ensuring enough space inside or outdoors is necessary. Flowering times can vary, but on average, it only takes about 7 to 9 weeks to produce a hearty yield. While it may not be the ideal strain for your first time out, Deep Breath is an excellent choice once you’ve successfully reared a few plants.

    Conclusion: Indulge in the Deep Breath Strain

    Indulging in this evenly-balanced strain during the day can help you to become your best self.  All while enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Plus, everything is beautiful, and everyone is happy during your high.  But make sure to time it right so you’re not fading into sedation during the workday. Whether you’re looking for a rich and enjoyable recreational experience or relief from medical symptoms, Deep Breath is an excellent choice.

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