6″ Indica Clones: Pink Lemonade Strain (Rare offer)


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    The Pink Lemonade strain is a cross between Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk.

    What makes this such a great offer is that they are huge for the price and they are all healthy and eager to be transplanted.

    Growing Pink Lemonade Strain:

    Pink Lemonade is a cross of Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk, which is where it gets its sweet-tart taste. These genetics lead to a versatile plant that can be grown in most climates. The indica genes lead to a bushy shape, ideal for ScrOG or low-stress training. Many Pink Lemonade plants flower in as few as eight weeks, which works great when combined with low-stress techniques.

    The buds are typically tight, arrowhead-shaped, dense nugs. The leaves of Pink Lemonade follow indica trends and grow close to the stem. Like its parent strain, Purple Kush, Pink Lemonade leaves are known for olive and purple streaking colors. The purple is triggered by low temperatures, so growing in the summer or indoors may not lead to this coloring. That doesn’t affect the flavor or cannabinoids, though, so it’s really just an aesthetic concern.

    Unlike many strains, growing Pink Lemonade from seed isn’t recommended. Instead, many growers recommend clones, because it hasn’t yet been cultivated on a large, seed-producing scale. That means that Pink Lemonade strain seeds for sale may not always produce pure Pink Lemonade genetics in the adult plant.

    If you’re looking for where to get Pink Lemonade strain plants, look for clones. Using clones helps guarantee that you’re getting actual Pink Lemonade and not a different combination of Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk genes.

    Overall, the simple requirements for Pink Lemonade make it a great strain to learn how to grow via clones. The bushy shape produces plenty of colas, leading to a high yield. As long as your plants have adequate light you can expect a robust harvest.

    Flowering Time


    Like many Indicas, Pink Lemonade has a relatively quick harvest. As long as there’s enough light in your setup, flowering should take around eight weeks. Plants usually stay under four feet but spread wide. Expect harvests of two to three ounces per square foot.


    Pink Lemonade will usually flower towards the end of September. They stay compact in height, but they need enough room to spread out. They will give up to 3 oz per square foot, but each plant will cover four to six square feet; that’s 12-18 oz per plant depending on size

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