Connoisseur Grade Clones: Jealousy Strain


Fantastic Offer: Premium Breeders Cut Clones at Unmatched Prices

Seize this extraordinary chance to buy premium breeders cut clones at unbeatable rates! For a limited period, adults aged 19 and above can cultivate exceptional marijuana using our remarkable Jealousy (Tiki Madman cut) clones. Originally valued at $300 each, they’re now available for just $25 per clone.

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    Unbeatable Offer: Premium Breeders Cut Elite Clones, Jealousy Strain

    Don’t miss this unique chance to buy premium breeders cut elite clones Jealousy strain at an irresistible price! So for a limited period, adults aged 19 and above can grow high-quality cannabis with our impressive Jealousy (Tiki Madman cut) clones, valued at $300 apiece, for a mere $25 per clone.

    Begin Your Cultivation Journey for Impressive Harvests

    Embark on your outdoor harvest journey by starting your plants indoors, providing 16 to 18 hours of light. Consequently, your plants grow exponentially larger than if you start in May or June. Of course, you could wait until the end of May or early June to pick your clone.    But in the end stage, your choice will determine your crop yield.  If starting too late compared to now, you choosing between 1 to 4 oz yield or 1 to 4 pounds – the decision is yours!

    Introducing Jealousy (Tiki Madman cut) Clone

    • Strain: Jealousy (Tiki Madman cut)
    • Grade: 5 Star (gifted clone)
    • Lineage: Gelato #41 X Sherb Bx1
    • Variety: Hybrid
    • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
    • Sex: Female
    • THC: 24-28%
    • CBD Range: Under 2%
    • Yield: Up to 500-600g/m2
    • Flowering Time: 60-68 days
    • Effect: Intense psychoactive euphoria, heightened energy, improved creativity, and stimulated imagination
    • Flavour: Rich, creamy candy and gelato

    Advantages of Premium Clones

    Choose our breeders cut elite clones and enjoy numerous benefits:

    • Assured female plants: No time wasted on male plants that won’t yield buds.
    • Time-efficient: Clones are rooted and established, bypassing the germination stage.
    • Uniform plants: Cultivate a garden with robust, consistent plants.

    Incomparable Value: Premium Breeders Cut Elite Clones

    Our breeders cut elite clones originating from $300 clones, ensuring top-quality genetics. Surprisingly you can now experience these same genetics for just $25 per clone!

    Why Select Toking Teepee?

    Opt for Toking Teepee to grow high-grade cannabis with elite genetics. Conserve time, money, and space with our reasonably-priced breeders cut elite clones.

    Limited-Time Offer: Premium Breeders Cut Elite Clones

    Don’t delay! After all, early bird stocks are limited. Therefore you should seize this opportunity to acquire exquisite breeders cut elite clones at a fantastic price. Take action now while supplies last!


    Choose between purchasing one for $300 from the source or obtaining multiple from Toking Teepee for $25 each – the choice is yours.

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