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About Green Leaf Love Potion – Indica 80 percent | Sativa 20 percent | THC 20 percent

The Green Leaf Love Potion strain is known to be an Indica-dominant hybrid that is crossed between Black Domina and Lavender.  The plants grow to medium-height that support a sturdy frame of buds.  The average flowering time for the Green Leaf Love Potion strain is between 56 and 63 days.  Outdoors harvest is late September to early October.  These hardy weed plants are high yielding when grown in ideal conditions and diet.   The Green Leaf Love Potion strain also grows extremely well indoors as well as outside although they produce a strong noticable odor if discretion is a concern.    The cool thing about growing Green Love Potion outdoors are the purplish hues in the flowers during the cold end of season weeks.  Another benefit is the plant is pest and mold resistant.

In all likelihood, users who come across the Green Leaf Love Potion Strain will be enthralled by its sweet minty aroma with fruity and lavender undertones which only serve to signal what is to come. Upon consumption, it produces a cerebral-focused onset that clears the mind and enhances the mood. Usually, it leaves users feeling happy in preparation for the upcoming body buzz at the comedown. At the right amount, though, the love potion works its magic by setting off a fiery passion.

Beyond the recreational, Green Leaf Love Potion is also popular among medicinal users and growers. It produces a holistic and restorative high that manages the symptoms for a wide variety of conditions. Meanwhile, growers are drawn to it for its ease of growth and flowers.

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