Ice Wine Strain – 5 Star Grade


Discover the Ice Wine strain: an exquisite, indica-dominant hybrid with a rich flavor profile of grape, hash, and pine. Experience euphoria and relaxation perfect for alleviating stress and pain.


Discover the Ice Wine Strain: A Luxurious Cannabis Encounter

The Origin of Ice Wine

Ice Wine is a unique hybrid strain. Its creators crossed Pimp Slap with a blend of Oregon Grapes and 1988 G13 HashPlant. This creation is a standout offering from Terra Firma Exclusives. Known for its beauty and depth of flavour, it’s a top pick for those who love cannabis.

Visual and Flavor Profile:

The Ice Wine strain delights the senses. It features:

  • Dense, frosty nugs.
  • Deep purple hues and bright orange hairs.
  • A high THC content, about 27%.

The strain’s flavour is complex. You’ll taste notes of grape, hash, and pine. Pinene, its main terpene, adds a fresh, alerting aroma.

Effects and Benefits:

Users love Ice Wine for its effects. It brings joy, euphoria, and giggles. This makes it perfect for lightening the mood. Medical users turn to Ice Wine for help with stress, depression, and pain.

Why Choose Ice Wine?

Ice Wine is more than just a strain. It’s an experience for those who appreciate the finer things. Its rich flavours and powerful effects set it apart. Usually priced at $15-$20 per gram, it offers a taste of luxury.

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