King Pink AAAA Indica


Check out our King Pink strain, which is quad grade Indica. The strong gassy kush smell and taste that makes you say, wow!   Our King Pink strain of bud tastes as good as it smells, and the high you get is super relaxing.  This bud is highly recommended for lovers of Pink strains.


King Pink Strain AAAA – The Royal Indulgence

Embark on a regal journey with King Pink strain, the supreme ruler of relaxation and pleasure. Sourced from the royal lineage of Pink Kush and Godfather OG, this exclusive strain boasts a staggering 27% THC content. The Toking Teepee presents a quadruple-A grade Indica that is 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, ensuring a majestic and unrivaled experience for all who partake.

A Royal Aroma and Flavour

King Pink strain earns its crown with a robust, gassy Kush aroma that instantly asserts its premium status. Its scent is matched by an equally remarkable flavour – a regal feast for the senses that combines earthy undertones with the sweetness of the elite Pink strains. The first puff delivers a rich tapestry of taste that will have you echoing ‘wow’ with every exhale.

The Highness of Highs

This strain isn’t just a treat for the nose and palate but a testament to the alchemy of its potent genetics. With each smooth draw, you’ll feel the world’s weight lifting as you succumb to the most relaxing embrace. Ideal for unwinding after a long day, King Pink’s effects are profound and enduring, leaving you in a tranquil euphoria.

Noble by Day, Knight by Night

While King Pink is recommended for evening use due to its heavy Indica effects, it can also be a morning luxury when paired with a cup of coffee to counterbalance its sedative nature. Perfect for recreational relaxation and seeking solace from stress, it’s an aficionado’s treasure that commands respect with its power to soothe and settle.

Exclusive, Limited, Unmatched

The Toking Teepee takes pride in offering this limited gem, cultivated by a secret master grower from an island in BC. King Pink’s availability is as exclusive as its pedigree, making it a coveted prize for those in the know. While its release is yet anticipated in full swing, those who secure it are ensured an unparalleled cannabis coronation. So revel in the richness of King Pink – the crowning glory of Indicas – and let it transform your leisure into a celebration of serenity.

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A) OZ, B) Half OZ, C) 7 grams, D) 3.5 grams

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