LA Kush Cookies 5 Star Grade


Buy weed online Canada: These LA Kush Cookies buds are next level 5 star rated craft grade 30 percent THC hybrid.


Buy weed online Canada: These rare LA Kush Cookie buds are next level 5 star rated craft grade 30 percent THC hybrid.

If you are going to buy weed online Canada then buy the best.  Divine Genetics combined two unique strains: Pure La Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies.   Both strains have superior characteristics which went into this high test next level superior high grade bud.  The buds were grown with an 11.7 week flowering cycle to drive the THC level to over 30 percent.

The stony high you get is very euphoric and long lasting.


5 star is considered a grade above quad AAAA grade and is grade based on many factors, as described below.

Appearance – We analyze flowers for their structure, density, resin (production and quality), and the trim.

Aroma – Cannabis should captivate all the senses, and the aroma (or nose) is a major indicator of a robust flavor profile. To appropriately analyze aroma, we evaluate each flower and product for its “jar volume” (how odoriferous it is when you open the package), its “grind volume” (how aromatic it is once you start to break the product down), and the complexity of the aroma. A complex aroma will have three or more noticeable, distinct characteristics.

Cure – A proper cure is imperative for a truly exceptional strain. When we assess a flower’s cure, we are appraising the feel of the bud and how well it is dried. Exceptional flowers should be sticky from the resinous oils without being wet from its moisture content. A well-cured flower will break down into easy-to-use fragments without turning to a dust or powder.

Effects – Effects are easily the most subjective aspect of grading cannabis products. To distill this down to a repeatable practice that can be applied across products and critics, we analyze the onset and duration of the effects, as well as the comfort of the consumer’s experience.

Flavor – Depending on who you ask, flavor could be the greatest factor of the cannabis experience. A great-tasting flower, hash, or product can often make up for any shortcomings in other departments. All cannabis products are rated for the complexity and allure of their flavor. With inhaled products like flower and hash, the flavor is analyzed in both smoked and vaporized forms.

Buds may have different shades of green and purple color, with rusty orange hair covered with frosty crystals.


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A) OZ, B) Half OZ, C) 7 grams, D) 3.5 grams

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