Major League Extractions Vape Pens


Major League extractions vape pens

When you buy vape pens in Canada, Major League extractions vape pens are the best.  In fact they have a huge variety of vape pens that contain up to 98 percent THC distillate.






Major League Extractions Vape Pens (1.1g)

Major League Extractions Vape Pens are some of the best on the market, and for a good reason. The pens each contain 1.1 grams of concentrate with a high THC level of 90-98%. That means you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with these vape pens. 

Warning: Unfortunately, there are several fake Major League products out there. All our MLE pens are sourced directly from the manufacturer and contain a QR code for added security. Be wary of counterfeit pens with low-quality distillate!

The manufacturer of these world class quality vapes “Major League Extractions” is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality and potency. Just be sure to buy from a reputable source such as to avoid counterfeit pens.


To get the most out of your Major League Extractions Vape Pen, store it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or heat. In addition, store pens vertically to avoid leaks.

If your pen gets clogged, try holding it between your hands to warm it up for 5 minutes. You can also blow into it to clear the clog. If all else fails, contact Toking Teepee customer support for assistance.

Major League Extractions Vape Pens are an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality, potent vape pen. Be sure to store your pen in a cool, dark place. You can unscrew the bottom cap to reveal the android type charge port if the charge runs out. If your pen gets clogged, try to hold it between your hands to warm it up for 5 minutes, then inhale to clear the clog.

What are Major League Extractions (MLE) disposable vape pens?

Major League Extractions (MLE) disposable vape pens are single-use vaporizers. They come pre-charged with a battery and pre-loaded with terpene-flavoured distillate. Disposable vape pens lead the cannabis vaporizer market because they are convenient and user-friendly, making them an ideal choice for discrete smoking. MLE vape pens come in various flavours and contain 1.1 grams of concentrate with a high THC level of 90-98%. 

How to Use Major League Extractions disposable vape pens?

No buttons required:

  • Remove your new vape from the packaging
  • Locate the mouthpiece and place it in your mouth.
  • Apply suction by inhaling lightly at first until you become comfortable vaping.
  • After inhaling, hold your breath for a few seconds for the best results.
  • Then breathe out.

Are Major League Vape Pens Safe?

Major League Extractions pens from the manufacturer are 100% safe and use high-quality distillate and naturally derived terpenes to give you a burst of flavour. But beware, as there are many fake versions of MLE pens on the market which are untested and may be unsafe. At Toking Teepee, all of our MLE disposable pens are directly from the manufacturer and sealed for your safety. So when you’re looking for a Major League vape pen, buy from a trusted source like us!

Which Major League Disposable Vape Pen Should I Choose?

Major League offers various disposable vape pens, each with its unique flavour. If you’re unsure which one to choose, our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you find the perfect Major League pen for your needs!

Major League’s disposable pens are some of the most popular on the market for a good reason. Their high-quality distillate and naturally derived terpenes give you a delicious and potent vaping experience that you won’t soon forget!

Which Major League Vape Pen is for me?

Sativa – Some of the main effects experienced when consuming Sativa are:

  • Uplifting: Elevated mood, feelings of happiness and hope.
  • Creativity: increased creativity, and ideas, encourages the artistic side.
  • Energy: increased energy, urge to socialize and be dynamic.
  • Concentration: increased ability to concentrate laser-like and for more extended periods.

Indica is known for its relaxing effects. It is also said to reduce nausea and pain and increase appetite. It is better to consume this at night because of its profound relaxation effect. Indica strains produce a “body high,” leaving you physically relaxed and sleepy. Marijuana enthusiasts often describe it as a feeling of being “couch-locked.” Most people prefer Indica effects in the evening.

Hybrid is a mixture of indica and Sativa. When referring to a hybrid flavour in vape pens, it’s usually 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa.

Why Buy Major League Vape Pens?

One of our hottest items! Our premium 1.1g major league vape pens are organic-based, disposable and rechargeable. They also contain 94-98% THC! We are proud to offer these vape pens, as they have no vitamin E, no VG, and no PG and are solvent-free! Limited quantities are available.

You will undoubtedly discover a favourite with many flavours in Hybrid, Sativa or Indica.

Additional information

Major League Vape pens

a) Banana Split Indica, a) Blue Raspberry Indica, a) Cherry Pie Indica, a) Coca Cola Indica, a) Cotton Candy Indica, a) Creme Brulee Indica, a) Frozen Mango Indica, a) Grape God Indica, a) Hard Core OG Indica, a) Jolly Rancher Pineapple Indica, a) Marsh Mallow Indica, a) Monster Cookies Indica, a) Nerds Indica, a) Purple Gold Indica, a) Red Bull Indica, a) Skittles Indica, a) Sleep Walker Indica, a) Smarties Indica, a) Sour Patch K Indica, a) Sour Razzles Indica, a) Strawberry Lemonade Indica, a) Tropicana Indica, b) Bubblegum Hybrid, b) Cantaloupe Hybrid, b) Chocolate Hybrid, b) Citrus Splash Hybrid, b) Fruit Burst Hybrid, b) Fruit Gushers Hybrid, b) Gingerbread Cookie Hybrid, b) Green Apple Hybrid, b) Honey Hybrid, b) Jolly Rancher Green Apple Hybrid, b) Koolaid Hybrid, b) Life Savers Hybrid, b) Starburst Cherry Hybrid, b) Swedish Fish Hybrid, b) Water Melon Hybrid, c) Apricot Sativa, c) Birthday Cake Sativa, c) Blueberry Cheese Cake Sativa, c) Fruit Punch Sativa, c) Jamaican Rum Sativa, c) Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Sativa, c) Lemon Head Sativa, c) Orange Creamsicle Sativa, c) Peach Sativa, c) Pop Rocks Sativa, c) Strawberry Margarita Sativa, c) Tropical Passion Fruit Sativa

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