MK Ultra Indica Strain



 Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa / THC: 25%

MK Ultra is classified as one of the heaviest Indica hybrids in existence and induces HIGHLY powerful and hypnotic cerebral effects.

The MK Ultra strain, also called master ultra kush, is a secretive CIA operation name that relates to conflicts between the government and legalization. This strain is highly famous for being among the top tier indica dominant hybrids on the market today. T.H. Seeds produced MK Ultra weed by crossing two potent strains, including O.G. Kush and G-13. Its high amount of cerebral and bodily effects makes it suitable for nighttime usage. Also, using this strain in the daytime could make you dizzy and too sleepy to function. The mind-control name given to MK Ultra weed makes it among the top dominant indica strains in the world, and indica enthusiasts love it due to its hypnosis-inducing tendencies. The THC level of MK Ultra strain reaches 22-25% THC.

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A) OZ, B) Half OZ, C) 7 grams

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