Pink Champagne strain


Pink Champagne strain | Buy Pink Champagne bud | Pink Champagne weed on sale

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    Pink Champagne strain | Buy Pink Champagne bud | Pink Champagne weed on sale

     The indica-dominant hybrid Pink Champagne strain was created by crossing the famous Granddaddy Purple X Cherry Pie strains. This pink champagne bud packs a flavour, as its name suggests, with sweet berries and grapes, with a rich kush exhale that will relax you from head to head while you are smoking it! The high you experience starts euphoric. Then it can quickly lead to a couch lock sedation if not treated accordingly by someone who knows what they are doing. Pink Champagne weed is perfect for treating diseases such as migraines or chronic pain, mainly because these types do not make people feel too great. We want to keep them medicated until their symptoms wear off naturally.

     Pink Champagne, or “Phantom” (known more commonly), is an indica dominant hybrid strain. The Pink Champagne bud strain is 80% Indica and only 20% Sativa. With 25 percent THC, this bud is perfect for treating migraines, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. The taste starts sweet. Soon after the initial sweetness, the flavour changes into more decadent kush flavours. While smoking the Pink Champagne strain, you will feel giggly and relaxed. After enjoying the whole spectrum, from euphoria to heavy sedation, depending on how much sleep one got last night.


    Effect of Pink Champagne bud

     The heavy, lazy feeling that Pink Champagne weed instills is perfect for people looking to de-stress and unwind after a busy day. In addition, the Pink Champagne strain is enjoyable. Finally, it can help medicinal consumers address various conditions like anxiety or pain relief! We’ll discuss these benefits in more detail below, so read on if you’re interested.”

     The aroma of Pink Champagne bud is a sweet, fruity mixture compared to the scent of blueberries and grapes with an added skunkiness. When grinding up these buds on your pipe or joint, they release their fragrance more fully, which some users find appealing. In contrast, others dislike it because it becomes overpowering fast depending on how much air you let out at once (especially if smoking). However, this strongest trait does come; intense clean smelling smoke that’s smooth, easy-going enough to your throat, but still packing quite a punch!



    The aroma of the Pink Champagne strain gives a good indication of its taste. It has fruity flavours with hints of malt and yeast, which some say strengthen on the exhale–a perfect pairing for your favourite dessert!


    Final Thoughts

    The Pink Champagne strain is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy some relaxation time while they’re high. In addition, people use it as an effective treatment against insomnia and pain.  The strain offers many benefits to both recreational and medicinal consumers. The main drawback is that it can cause couch-lock or sedation, which could benefit those who need sleep.

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