Pink Truffle Strain


Pink Truffle: 5 Star Craft Grade Bud

Pink Truffle strain is a high-potency Indica dominant hybrid, combining the best of Pink OG and Truffles strains. A 30% THC content offers users a euphoric high and deep relaxation. The strain features a captivating floral aroma, beautiful pink and purple hues, and a sweet, earthy flavour. Perfect for experienced cannabis users seeking a potent, long-lasting experience with calming and creative effects.


Introducing Pink Truffle Strain: A High-Potency 5 Star Grade Bud

The Pink Truffle strain (aka Pink Trufflez) is an exceptional, high-potency cannabis strain designed for those who crave a top-quality Indica experience with high THC concentrations. Boasting 30% THC, this Indica dominant hybrid has a 90% Indica and 10% Sativa composition. A perfect blend of Pink OG and Truffles strains, Pink Truffle features a floral terpene profile and an unmistakable pinkish appearance.

Euphoric Highs and Relaxing Effects

Created for cannabis users seeking the ultimate euphoric high, Pink Truffle delivers impressive body highs. As such, users can expect a strong sense of relaxation, positivity, and waves of euphoria. Additionally, the THC content promotes mental stimulation, leading to heightened clarity and creativity. However, novice users should approach this potent strain cautiously, as its powerful effects can last up to three hours. Prepare for those extreme munchies by stocking your fridge!

Captivating Aroma and Beautiful Buds

The floral and sweet aroma of Pink Truffle is precisely what you’d expect from a Truffles strain. As you open the buds, you’ll be greeted by gorgeous hues of pink and purple, giving this strain its unique name. The Indica credentials are solid, offering a calming effect that stills the mind without overpowering Sativa effects. Although traditional pressure around the head associated with Sativas may be present, it doesn’t detract from Pink Truffle’s sleep aid qualities.

A Strain Comparable to Mochi Gelato

Pink Truffle is an out-of-this-world strain, similar in effects to Mochi Gelato. So it’s perfect for discerning cannabis users who value high-quality Indica with high concentrations of THC. Also combined with an enticing aroma, fantastic flavour, and distinctive pinkish appearance, this strain is an extraordinary cannabis experience. Give Pink Truffle a try and discover the remarkable high-potency strain that will elevate your senses to new heights.

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