Premium Cherry Oil Sativa/Hybrid


Buy cherry oil online in Canada that is perfect for dabs or added to rolling papers.

Cherry oil could be vaporized, sexy knifed, rolled at a combined or smoked in a tube onto a bed of ash or herb. Cannabis Cherry oil has an extreme THC concentration and an extremely subtle cherry taste that will offer an experience unlike any other. Smoking oils would be most successful where instant absorption is necessary.

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    Our premium made-in-Canada cherry oil is 60 percent Sativa and 40 percent indica.   The THC is 67 percent.

    5 Grams Per Jar

    The cherry oil is a thick premium-grade cherry honey oil suitable for dabbing or smoking on paper.   Not recommended for refilling vape cartridges due to its thickness.  Made safely and ethically in a lab environment by professionals.

    This product is a cannabis-based smoking oil filtered through charcoal to remove most chlorophyll from the plant material. The result is a clear, red-hued oil containing between 65-75% THC. Dab it or add it to your joint for a flavourful punch.

    * There may be differences in colour and consistency from batch to batch.

    In comparison, the THC levels in dry, unprocessed cannabis flowers vary on average between 12% and 25%.

    THC is the active compound responsible for many mental, physical and spiritual benefits that the ancient cannabis plant offers. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • stimulate healthy food cravings for low appetite eating problems
    • relief from lack of sleep
    • pain relief
    • muscle relaxant
    • relief from glaucoma
    • calm nausea symptoms
    • treat anxiety conditions

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