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RSO Oil for sale online Canada

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    Rick Simpson’s RSO oil provides hope for cancer patients.  This potent marijuana derived concentrate named after Rick Simpson provides hope for many people. After being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer, Rick Simpson decided to try something new.  Being familiar with other health benefits, Rick had been ingesting cannabis oil daily for a year. At this point, he felt he needed to add treatment to his skin condition more directly.

    Simpson claims that applying the RSO oil directly to cancer spots on his skin cleared the spots within days.  Rick Simpson oil (RSO) contains higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than other medical cannabis extracts. Despite firm evidence supporting cannabis use in treating cancer, the medical community still seeks more direct evidence of its safety and effectiveness in humans.

    It’s important to note that there are currently no scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of RSO. However, many people are applying it to treat skin cancer, and also report that it helps relieve symptoms from other conditions. Compared to other forms of cannabis, RSO provides greater medicinal value due to it’s ease of making it.  RSO is discrete, odorless; can be taken orally on its own  or combined with hot liquid or food.

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