Fists of Heaven 5-Star Bud


Dive into the celestial embrace of the “Fists of Heaven” strain, a harmonious hybrid blend boasting unparalleled potency. A true testament to cannabis perfection, it promises an otherworldly experience for connoisseurs.


Fists of Heaven AAAAA Strain – Quality at a Compassionate Price

In the quest to deliver the finest quality cannabis, The Toking Teepee presents the “Fists of Heaven AAAAA Strain,” a premium selection renowned for its unmatched caliber. However, in a twist of fate, our dedication to preserving quality met an overzealous vacuum seal by a well-intentioned new team member. The good news? The potency, flavor, and aroma you adore are perfectly intact, sealed in time like a message in a bottle.

Unchanged Potency, Unbeatable Price

While the characteristic appearance of our “Fists of Heaven” buds has been transformed, the essence remains untouched. The same high you expect, with a 27% THC content and a blend that tips heavily towards Indica, is as present as ever. For those who judge a strain by more than its cover, this is your opportunity to indulge in luxury for less.

Aesthetic Alteration, Same Stellar Experience

The beauty of “Fists of Heaven” may have been condensed into a more compact form, but what lies within is the same quality cannabis you know and love. It’s a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover” – or in this case, “don’t judge a bud by its fluffiness.” The same high-quality strain is now available to you with a significant reduction in price, providing an even greater value.

Why the Discount? Because You Deserve It

At The Toking Teepee, we believe in transparency and customer satisfaction. We’re discounting our “Fists of Heaven” strain not because the quality has dropped – it hasn’t – but because the vacuum seal has altered its voluminous appearance. This mishap turns into your gain, as we slash the price from $240 to $180 per ounce to align with the unexpected change in its star-studded showcase.

Limited Offer: Deluxe Strain, Delightful Deal

This unexpected discount is a limited offer, providing an ideal chance for connoisseurs to stock up on a top-tier strain at a rare price. Whether it’s for calming the mind or soothing the body, the “Fists of Heaven” retains all the heavenly qualities, now with an earthly price tag. Enjoy the luxury of a top-shelf strain at a price that’s down to earth – but hurry, as this offer is only available while supplies last!


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A) OZ, B) Half OZ, C) 7 grams, D) 3.5 grams, E) 1 gram

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