Good Value Indica Bud


Good Value Indica Bud

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    Good Value Indica Bud:

    All products sold by are used and tested in-house.   Based on toking this “Good Value Indica Bud,” I would compare it to 25% THC Indica bud.   A pound we recently acquired locally for a reasonable price didn’t come with a name.  I enjoy the mellow, relaxed feeling after smoking a joint of it.  It’s an excellent value for $100, bud.   Any other bud sold for less wouldn’t likely measure up to the quality you’ll find from our nugs.

    When you try what we call Good Value Indica Bud, you’ll know the standard we follow when given this rating.   There will be times when this runs out that we would like to reserve this name and category for any indica bud for which we don’t have a specific name.  Let’s call it generic Indica, but also has good value for your dollar.  Let the picture speak for itself, and if and when another generic Indica bud is unavailable, the bud of the day will be the same as the current picture.

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