Waikiki Queen Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Once you take a few hits from this Waikiki Queen bud you soon will realize the powerful high you get from this Sativa dominant hybrid. The ratio of Sativa to Indica in Waikiki bud is 70 Sativa to 30 Indica.  The THC from Waikiki Queen averages about 24 percent.


Waikiki strain was created by combining Hawaii with White Queen strains. The resulting strain which is dubbed Waikiki Queen is being reported by other patients to be helpful for alleviating depression, anxiety, chronic pain, migraine headaches and stress related discomfort. Smelling it may bring to your attention the citrus and pinapple aroma. This delicious looking bud appears as it does in the picture.  Although the size and shape of the nugs vary; the colour and texture remains consistent.    As you are sure to notice after smoking some, the high becomes more intense over time after just a few hits. The stone leaves you feeling you’re in a happy state of wellbeing and creativity while also relaxed enough to enjoy it.  Not recommended for treating mental health issues without medical support due to it’s cerebral effect.

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A) OZ, B) Half OZ

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