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At Toking Teepee, we deliver bud, edibles and extracts to you. Find your “online weed delivery service” right here!

Looking for an “online weed delivery service near me”?  How free weed delivery service works

Toking Teepee is the answer to your search for “online weed delivery service near me”.  Many customers throughout Canada now enjoy free delivery within and Canada-wide outside our designated local delivery radius.  People are jumping on the bandwagon to purchase cannabis products for delivery Canada-wide, due to convenience, quality and great prices.  The way to receive free delivery is to order $200 or more in products.  Many customers do group purchases to bring the order total the required threshold for free delivery.

People across Canada are ordering Toking Teepee online to get quality products and prices.  Delivery time varies depending on your location.   Most mainstream locations across Canada receive deliveries within 5 business days.

At Toking Teepee, we offer a free online weed delivery service on orders of $200 or more.   Areas listed above are delivered within 1 business day, depending on when the order is placed.  If ordered before 1:30 pm, there is enough time to receive a same-day delivery, if within the areas listed above.  If outside the normal delivery radius, a flat rate delivery fee is added.  With every order, whether free shipping or paid shipping, there is a $10 order processing fee to cover added costs in processing your order.

Toking Teepee also offers same day to next day deliveries, depending on time of order.

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