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Where to Find THC-Infused Edibles and the Canadian Laws Regulating Their Sale and Consumption.

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Canadian regulations and where to find high-test THC-infused edibles:

The Cannabis Act and Health Canada regulate THC infused edibles’ allowable THC content per serving. This regulation of THC-infused edibles limits THC content to 10mg of THC per serving. This limitation is partly due to the effect edibles have on the mind compared to the immediate effects of smoking. 

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Other important rules set out by Health Canada include:

  • restricting ingredients that may appeal to children and underage Canadians; 
  • Plain and child-resistant packaging to prevent accidental consumption;
  • Restrictions on claiming nutritional value; and
  • Imposing high standards in the manufacturing process to avoid food-borne illnesses, etc. 

Where to get cannabis-infused edibles:

Cannabis-infused edibles are slowly becoming available within legal pot stores across Canada. However, brick-and-mortar storefronts must first claim the intent to sell edibles to Health Canada, which places a 60-day waiting period. 

Currently, First Nations dispensaries are the only locations selling THC-infused edibles. Therefore, you can easily purchase high-test cannabis, including high THC infused edibles, from any First Nations dispensary.

First Nations are the relevant, sovereign authority on their lands. Thus, cannabis laws put in place by the Federal government do not affect self-regulated First Nation communities. In addition, most Canadians are already familiar with their ability to purchase cannabis products, including edibles, from First Nation dispensaries even before the Cannabis Act came into effect. 

It’s essential, however, to recognize that purchasing cannabis products from First Nation communities is legal. 

Here’s why it’s worth the trip to communities such as Alderville for your cannabis-infused edibles:

  • Regulations for the sale of edibles across Canada currently limit the amount of THC allowed in an edible product to 10mg. To the seasoned THC user, this amount will seem low and requires the purchase of more products to get the same high as one 30 mg edible. There is no limit on First Nation THC-infused edibles, which means you can purchase products that correlate with your boundaries. 
  • Canadian manufacturers will require trial and error when developing recipes with the correct amount of THC that still tastes good. There is no learning curve for First Nations communities when selling edibles. 

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